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Nov 29, 2018

Trump Trashes Mueller, I Buy Al Sharpton Lunch, Migrants Making Demands.

Nov 27, 2018

Invasion of the Imbeciles. Twitter Continues Crushing Conservatives. How Much for That Doggy in the Hospital? 

Nov 22, 2018

Rotten Rulings From Retarded Judges, Angry Vaginas Silenced, Chik-fil-A gets F On Campus , Adventurer Assassinated By Savages.

Nov 20, 2018

U.K. High School Censors Costly Clothes. "Gangsta Hotline" creator, Stand-up Brent Weinbach Skypes in. Chipotle Rethinks Racist Firing.

Nov 15, 2018

Bidding On A Bride, Progressives Protesting Pelosi, Border Fence Fiasco, Make Disney Mad Again.